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Q. Can I buy directly from Birchwood Furniture?


A. Our retailers offer valuable advice regarding space planning, style and fabric selections, and are specialists at local delivery.  As such, we only sell to authorized retailers throughout Western Canada.  We do not sell directly to the public or through our website.





Q. Where can I find a Birchwood Furniture retailer?


A. Visit our Where to Buy page and we will send you a list of retailers in your area.





Q. What does Birchwood Furniture do with my personal information?


A. Once we have responded to your request, your personal information is deleted.  Birchwood does not sell your contact information to anyone.





Q. How quickly can I expect my furniture?


A. Our production time, in general, is 4-6 weeks, pending fabric or leather availability.  Shipping time beyond that is based on the freight company delivering to the end dealer.





Q. Can Birchwood Furniture supply me with retail pricing?


A. Certain factors, such as fabric selection and freight to your area, affect the retail price.  As a result, we cannot provide retail pricing.  Your local retailer is the best source for this information.





Q. Can I order a piece of Birchwood Furniture in a different fabric/leather than what I saw at the retail store or online?


A. Birchwood can build all of our furniture pieces in a variety of fabric or leather options.  





Q. How can I find out fabric or leather availability?


A. Your local retailer will have the Birchwood Furniture fabric and leather gallery.  They are able to provide you with information regarding availability.





Q. Where can I get the status of my order?


A. Please contact your retailer to find out the ETA on your order.





Q. Can I purchase fabric yardage?


A. Our fabric is available to purchase, by the full yard.  Please contact your local retailer for pricing.





Q. Can I purchase additional toss pillows?


A. Our toss pillows are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and fabric options.  Your dealer can assist you with this.





Q. Am I able to supply my own fabric for a Birchwood Furniture piece?


A. We do accept Customer's Own Material (COM) for our furniture.  Please see your retailer for fabric requirements.  The amount of fabric required can vary, based on fabric width and pattern repeat.





Q. Does Birchwood offer sofabed options?


A. Several of Birchwood Furniture's sofas and sectionals are available with either a regular or queen sofabed.  To find out which pieces can accommodate a sofabed mechanism, please contact your retailer.





Q. How do I care for my piece of Birchwood Furniture?


A. We recommend you rotate your back cushions and seat cushions monthly.  The proper cleaning procedure for your furniture depends on the fabric or leather.  Certain cleaning methods can void the fabric / leather manufacturer's warranty.  Please contact your local retailer for details regarding the care of your furniture.





Q. Why are the seat cushions on my new sofa more firm than the piece I sat on at my retailer?


A. Retail stores tend to keep their floor models for several months, and the seat foam softens with handling and testing.  As you continue to enjoy your new furniture, the seats will soften up with time and use.





Q. Why are the dimensions of my furniture different than the dimensions listed?


A. Birchwood Furniture is a handcrafted product, therefore our dimensions approximate and can vary, within 1" to 2".  When we measure a piece we round up to the next full inch.




Q. Can I customize my Birchwood Furniture?


A. Birchwood offers a wide variety of options to customize your piece, such as pocket coil seats, down wrapped seats, nailhead trim, and contrast fabric or leather piping.  Please refer to your local retailer for availability of these options.





Q. What do I do if I have a problem with a piece of Birchwood Furniture?


A. Your best source is always your local retailer.  When you notice a problem with your furniture, contact the retail store where you made your purchase and they will work with us on your behalf.