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Birchwood Construction

Construction at a Glance

See how our product is made - click on the video:

The Frame is made from hardwood

Specially designed for the furniture industry.

This shows our 7/8" hardwood. The grain of the middle three layers run the same way to prevent the wood from splitting when stapled or screwed. It is manufactured in Golden, B.C. and is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Our hardwood is cut with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) bandsaw. This can cut up to 15" of material at once.

The Frame



Our Frames are glued, stapled, screwed, and corner-blocked where necessary to ensure your piece of furniture will last.

The Foam

It's the ultimate in deep-seating comfort.

Our high resiliency, Qualux brand foam is considered one of the best in the industry, and it's manufactured in Calgary. Wrapped in Kodel, this foam creates a lofty, plush luxuriously comfortable seat.

The Springs

What are you sitting on?

A legacy of quality, comfort, and performance. Our No-Sag brand springs provide lifetime guaranteed support for your piece. 

We use a double set of springs by each arm of your sofa. This extra support prevents sinking or caving into the corner. These springs, combined with the guidewires, ensure a consistent and uniform seating experience on the entire piece.



Our Glue is different...

It is pliable, even when dry. Many times, regular glue hardens and cracks, causing the user to think their frame has broken. Our glue won't crack or harden over time.


It is blue!

We colour our glue to ensure consistency. Our staff can check and see the "blue glue" on all the joints, and know that no steps were missed during the framing process.

Fabric Technology

Gerber machines allow us to accurately plot and cut intricate fabrics

This creates precisely matched stripes, plaids, and centered florals.


There's no technology that can take the place of the personal touch and skills found in our sewing department.

Signature logo-embroidered seat decks.


Your furniture is proudly made by one skilled upholsterer, start to finish.

No Assembly Line, Our upholsterers take pride in their workmanship. They have been mastering their skills for years while learning and adapting to new techniques.