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Benchmade Upholstery

We like to talk about “The Birchwood Difference”.  By this, we mean what sets Birchwood Furniture apart from other Canadian manufacturers – what do we do differently? Birchwood and their employees take pride in their craftsmanship.  From the wood shop, through to the sewing department, and finishing with the upholsterers: each staff member takes care […]

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What to Expect from Bench Seat Cushions

As a new piece of upholstery is used, it’s possible that “comfort wrinkles” will begin to appear.  This is a natural occurrence, and can easily be explained. Upholstered sofas are designed to have soft seating and back support.  The plush seat cushions used in Birchwood’s upholstery, along with the lofty kodel wrap, will compress softly, […]

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Our Furniture Includes

Fabric & Leather

1 Year Warranty

Frames & Springs

Lifetime Warranty (25 Years)


5 Year Warranty